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Unit Description

1        Introduction to Science
2        Biochemistry
3        Ecology
4        Cells, the Cell Membrane, Material Transport
5        Cell Division and Cancer
7         DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis
8         Genetics
9         Taxonomy, Evolution and Human History


Study At Home

FREE SMART PHONE APPS –> “STUDY BLUE” and “Flashcards” are two apps to help you study/organize terms

Chapter 1-Intro to Science

Chapter 2-Biochemistry

van der Waals Force

  • WATCH THE GECKO VIDEOS HERE-Answer questions in your Biochem Packet! (Look for the gecko hand…) Part I – Dr. Irschik Part II – Forces Part III – Dr. Autumn

Chapters 3-6-Ecology

Chapter 7-The Cell, Membrane and Transport

  • Cells Alive! Tutorial –>Click on Animal/Plant under Interactive Cell Models, then click “Start Animation” (ANIMAL) –>Next, click on Interactive Eukaryotic Cell Cycle to complete the 2nd and 3rd sheets.
  • Plasmolysis Video –>What happens to the Elodea cells when 15% NaCl solution is added? –> If a plant undergoes plasmolysis, can you reverse those effects? If so, HOW?

Chapters 8 & 9–Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration

Chapters 13 & 14–DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis

Chapters 12 & 15–Mendelian Genetics

Chapters 16-19 & 26.3-Evolution & Classification

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Qtr 3


Qtr 4



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